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Heskiers® White - Tool + Method

Heskiers® White - Tool + Method

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Efficient tool and method for Facial Rejuvenation and to Reduce Cellulite. Diminish presence of wrinkles and relaxes the facial muscles fast in easy self treatment with advanced Danish Design and Quality.

Hydrates and brings nutrients to the tissue through easy manual techniques. Can be used both with your favorite serum or with a few drops of water. Or dry as it is designed to float on air.
Fit in any handbag for treatment on the go for the empowered woman.

Multifunctional fascia tool with new techniques and methods. The Heskiers lowers inflammation, promotes blood flow and increase nutrients in the tissue. Easy to use all over body and saves your hands. Minimize Neck pain. Lessen lower back pain. Relieve Sore Muscles.

Made from medical grade BPA-free Nylon, as used for prosthetics that has to function inside a human body and is built to last a lifetime. Color is also medical grade. Easy to clean.

The Heskiers comes with instructions inside. Free e-learning videos on Youtube and Heskiers website. Online courses for special Heskiers Academy Goddess Beauty Protocols.

Heskiers® patented tool and method - Promoting circulation, reducing pain and inflammation anytime and anywhere.

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