Heskiers OneTool for physical therapy, massage and myofacial treatment

Heskiers OneTool and Method


When I was introduced to this tool and method over a year ago, I was impressed with its capabilities, applications and the design - it's clearly the work of a master designer and therapist, which indeed Martin is.

Kylie O'Brian Educational Director of National Institute of Integrative Medicine (NIIM)

I think Heskiers OneTool is genius! 

Richard Gold, PhD, L.Ac., Co-founder of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (PCOM)

I have been thoroughly impressed by the results that the Heskiers Method and Heskiers OneTool have been able to achieve for my patients.

Emi Hosoda, MD

It feels so natural, like part of your hand. It makes treatments effortless and natural. An innovative tool and method. 

Dr. Yair Maimon OMD PhD Ac.

When our World Championship players got injured and needed fast and efficient treatment, Heskiers performed results faster than any other method I have tried or know of.

Azam Khan, Squash Pro

October 2016 was the last time I was able to play basketball due to a major back injury. I saw multiple doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists - you name it. None of it worked. I saw Martin Heskier yesterday morning,  played in my first full practice last night, and went to bed pain free. It’s truly revolutionary!
Thank you, Martin!

Trey Miller, Basketball Player