The OneTool solved your last pain point, however, while lifting that box from the garage brought back some old painful memories of time passing by faster than we care to admit.

OneTool™ got you covered and so Martin. He has been developing and distributing feely a wealth of knowledge on how resolve atavic pain that we just resign to get accept because others haven't been able to fix. That ends as soon as you desire and Martin is here to help in ways he has always done across the 26 years of his career.

If you are a DIY type of person then you will appreciate this guide that has clear examples on how to leverage the OneTool for specific pain-points. Just click on the button below to dig it in and remember if you get stuck, just post on the large community has been piling up over the years. If all fails, just book a 15 minutes, free no strings attached session with Martin.

If you happen to be a visual person, freat no more because we have developed a substantial and in depth video library to educate how to identify your body root pain points and how to treat those sore spots. 

Some individuals answers to God's call, others to lead as CEOs of the next trillion dollar company. Martin's call is to heal the body, the mind and soul. 20 years ago he invented a revolutionary device, the OneTool, in 2020 he did it again and wrote a book on a further evolved method that he calls HyperSync. There's a vibrant community behind this new piece of innovation Martin has been pushing forward.

As result of this new methodology he can now heal at distance with a minimal cooperation on your physical end. If you want to give it a try, book now.


Zero stress and done snappy! So much he is confident about his abilities and the HyperSync method combined with the Heskier's OneTool.

The only thing that you have to lose is the pain or that knot in your life that is holding you back.