Gregory Gaultier 
Squash World Champion

- Thank you, Martin!

Winner of 2015 World Open Squash Championship, the British Open three times, the US Open 2 times, the Tournament of Champions in 2009, and the PSA World Series Finals 3 times. He reached the final of the World Open in 2006, 2007, 2011 and 2013, and the World No. 1 ranking in 2009.

¨I nearly missed my final game due to spasms in my quadriceps - Heskiers Method and Heskiers Tool helped me regain my world champion tittle and world rank #1 - Thank you, Martin!¨ 



Hafthor Július 'Thor' Bjornsson
Worlds Strongest Man and The Mountain in Game of Thrones

-it is important to have in mind that recovery and maintaining tissue health, is half the way to achieve your peak performance and goals!

Thor is also the several times winner of the Europe's and Iceland's Strongest Man contest. Using Heskiers for physical therapy and to release tension from sore muscles, helped him on his way to become a legend.

Thor is a living proof of what you can achieve as you master your body!



Tom Kristensen, ¨Mr. Le Mans¨  - Your Health is Your Wealth participant
Audi Le Mans Team

Tom K holds the record for the most wins at the world top race: 24 Hours of Le Mans with his eight top of podium, six of which were consecutive (from 2000 to 2005).  He was a driver for Audi Le Mans team and Bentley LM P1. 

Three months prior to the Le Mans race, Tom experienced a 36 G crash, that only very few survive from, at Hochenheim Raceway.  Given up by the main body of allopathic practitioners and prior to the Heskiers treatment, he had difficulty even just being able to stand/walk/talk.
After daily intensive treatments performed by 
MJ Heskier, he was able to walk the first day, bicycle the next and within extremely short time recovered and joined the race team leading the Le Mans Race 2007. 

Tom experienced a full and significant recovery in 16 days due to Heskiers 24/7 intense treatments and expert advice; the ¨Your Health is Your Wealth¨

Jahangir Khan,
#1 Ranked Squash World Champion and Greatest Squash World Champion of all times.

Undefeated for 555 matches from 1981 to 1986, the longest winning streak by any athlete in top-level professional sports as recorded by Guinness World Records.  He won the World Open 6 times and the British Open a record 10 times.  

Jahangir was treated for a 20 year old injury that would not fully heal – after being treated with Heskiers Method, his injury was gone in first treatment due to the unique Heskiers protocols.


Diego Elías, 
Squash Jr World Champion

'Love my Heskiers! -and use it everyday!'

Diego use it before, during and after games and practice to optimize his performance and recover faster!

Rosella Hightower Institute, Cannes, France

Martin Heskier doing treatments and teaching how to use Heskiers for fast recovery for injured Prima Ballerinas and 1st Dancers from the top ballet companies of the world; London Royal Ballet, NYC Ballet, Paris Opera, Amsterdam etc.


Azam Kahn, Pro Sport Club 
Squash Pro and world leading Coach from the renowned Kahn family

Organizing the World Championship in Squash 2015 and US Nationals, I have worked with many top players around the world. It has been a blessing to have Heskiers Method with us when players got injured and needed fast and efficient treatment. Personally, I have experienced the Heskiers Method with the Heskiers Tool and it is an unique treatment and performs results faster than any other method I have tried or know of.


“I think Heskiers tool is genius ! - I support this product !!”

Richard Gold, PhD, L.Ac., Co-Founder of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, Chairman of the Board of the International Professional School of Bodywork and a National Advisory Board Member of the American Organization of Body Therapies of Asia, Author and Expert on Thai Massage, San Diego, CA US

Kylie O'Brian 
Educational Director of National Institute of Integrative Medicine (NIIM)

Melbourne, Australia. July 2016:  We are delighted to enter with Martin Heskier who designed, an  ergonomically designed bodywork tool; the ¨Heskiers¨. This tool may be used by medical and allied health practitioners including acupuncturists, massage therapists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopath, nurses and others. The Heskiers Tool and Method represents solutions for 40 various musculoskeletal disorders as well as over 200 protocols covering sport, health and beauty.

NIIM has the largest integrative medicine clinic in Australia and conducts research and education. NIIM is committed to the development of high quality, postgraduate educational courses in integrative medicine. 

Originally trained as a remedial masseuse and later as a Chinese medicine doctor, when I was introduced to this tool over a year ago, I was impressed with its capabilities, applications and the design- clearly the work of a master designer which indeed Martin is. The elegance of this tool is clearly reflective of his Danish heritage. After meeting in Rothenburg at a Chinese medicine conference in May this year, Martin and I agreed to have our respective organisation and company work together to bring this important therapeutic method to the international stage. Martin Heskier, of course is a well-known and respected acupuncturist and bodyworker, and has been doing some very important work with elite sportspersons in the US and Europe. A impressive application of his method and tool is the reduction of scar tissue e.g. in breast cancer survivors who have had mastectomies.


Casper Ellegaard 
Aston Martin Le Mans Team, LM GTE PRO

'Working with Heskiers is a great supplement to my daily practice! I have had great experience with Martin Heskiers work!'


Dindo Capello
Audi Le Mans team

Heskiers working with international race car driver and winner of the American Le Mans Series and Le Mans, LM P1. 
Dindo received Heskiers treatments and practices to release his whiplashes and injuries after a significant crash whereas his open race car slided 200m/220yds upside down with his body in between the car and the tarmac.


Johannes Joikef Sveinbjörnsson
Osteopath, The Honda Motocross Team Dakar - Reikjavik, Iceland

¨I hope more Body workers will use Heskiers Tool and Method in helping themselves and their patients - This amazing tool and method also gave me the possibility to let my Athletes of the Honda Dakar Team work on themselves -activating them towards fast recovery.

I've worked with the Heskiers Tool for a few years now with great results on my patients! I work with a mixture of Osteopathy and Rolfing, using the Heskiers does not only save my energy and fingers, but also makes it possible for me to work with deep tissue -even deeper than I can work with my fingers and surprisingly with nearly no pain for my patients. It opens the muscles and releases scar tissue with such ease and with less pain for my patients as I have never before encountered.

I work with Professional Athletes from Motocross to Handball using the Heskiers Tool and Method for more than 8 years.

Best regards and Thank you for this Method and Tool, Mr. Heskier



Emi Hosoda MD

(Dr Emi is ranked top 10 in NW of USA and well recognized for her great impact on health and well being)

Dear Colleague, 

My name is Emi Hosoda, and I am an internal medicine physician practicing in Washington State in the United States. I am American Board of Internal Medicine – Board Certified in Internal Medicine. I have also completed a one year internship in OB/GYN prior to my internal medicine training and have a largely women’s health oriented primary care practice. Prior to medical school, I worked in research in molecular biology, where, starting in high school I worked on research regarding tissue plasminogen activator and in college on S. dysenteriae binding proteins.. I have had extensive post graduate training in naturopathic, Aryuvedic, and functional medicine practices which has allowed me to use my undergraduate degree in biochemistry and my knowledge of botany and herbal medicine in my practice.

I have been thoroughly impressed by the results that treatment using the Heskiers Method and Heskiers OneTool has been able to achieve for my patients. Martin, as you know, has extensive training in design as well as in acupuncture. To have a health professional with such proficiency in design is rare and I feel that is likely why Martin’s achievement with his tool is so unique.

Martin Heskier and his assistant Anne Hjordt asked me to speak with and find volunteers amongst my patients who had had extensive scar tissue and who were willing to undergo demonstration treatments to teach me how to use the One Tool for scar tissue treatment. Anne is well known in Europe for her work with breast cancer patients who have had extensive surgery, radiation therapy, and scar tissue. Two of my patients volunteered. The first is a young lady in her early 50’s who had had bilateral mastectomies, radiation therapy with extensive burns and resulting cellulitis and abscess, requiring wound vac treatment. She had extensive scarring and tight leather like skin limiting the range of motion of her neck and arms. The second is an older lady in her late 60’s who had had infection and scarring following very badly done breast reduction surgery causing limited range of motion of her left arm.

Both patients were treated by Martin using the OneTool and specifically designed techniques using this tool for scar tissue. After a single one hour treatment, both patients have had impressive and lasting results with a decrease in puckering, better blood flow, less tissue tightness, and improved range of motion and a markedly improved appearance of the area. The treatment was painless and not at all unpleasant. Both patients have been seen in follow-up more than three months after the initial visit and have maintained the gains they made in a single session. No previous therapy that I had referred patients to had produced results that were nearly as desirable.

I have also had patients with musculoskeletal complaints use the One Tool for muscle spasms and neuropathic pain with good results. Several massage therapists and physical therapists in my referral circle have also had very impressive results with its use.

While at this point my experience is anecdotal, the use of the tool amongst more than 30 patients has produced consistently good and uniquely effective results. I think further study of the tool in a controlled study manner would be useful and greatly benefit multiple disciplines of medicine.


Emi Hosoda MD


R. Kent Kurfman

I started using the Heskiers in the Spring of 2015. My purpose in doing so was to spare my hands – I’ve performed instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization techniques for several years but have never been fully satisfied with the performance of the various metal and synthetic tools available.
Most tools are compromises in one respect or another. With some tools, the compromise is price, either an expensive set of narrow-purpose instruments or a very inexpensive instrument that is rough-edged and rougher still on the skin and soft tissues of my patients. For most instruments, the compromise is design - edged tools that are difficult to grip and are tiring on the hands during a full day of patient care. For me, my needs are for a soft tissue tool with a combination of soft and sharp edges, gripping surfaces that fill my hand and keep stress off of my fingers and thumbs, durability and most important, excellent performance with soft tissue mobilization. The Heskiers has filled all of these needs fully – it’s easy to use, easy to grip, has a variety of edges that mesh well across broad soft tissue areas and around bony contours and it has spared my hands. The easiness of use and the various edges and curves of the Heskiers have inspired creativity in my soft tissue techniques and it has worked well in my busy practice of treating soft tissue injuries in my busy practice of injured distance runners. The Heskiers technique has altered my treatment efficiency by engaging my patients in their own recovery and it is often borrowed by my colleagues.

I can’t recommend it highly enough!




Anne Hjordt
Senior Physiotherapist, Copenhagen, Denmark

Recommendation of the Heskiers Tool and Method       

Dear Colleague, 

My name is Anne Hjordt. I am a Physiotherapist and work with patients in the private sector in Scandinavia. I specialize in Scar Tissue and Lyphodema treatment, particularly with cancer patients and work in the head/mouth/neck/and breast area of patients. Furthermore I am also a specialist in scar tissue treatments in general.

In September 2014, I was introduced to Heskiers Tool and immediately began my education with Heskiers Academy in the use of the Heskiers Method and the Heskiers Tool especially in regards to Scar Tissue and Lymphodema treatment.

Heskiers Method and the Heskiers Tool is now fully integrated into my clinic and praxis. My staff and I are using this modality with great success with our patients. Not only by incorporating the Heskiers Method and Tool in our treatment protocols –starting each treatment with the Heskiers, but absolutely also integrating patients in their own self treatment.

We instruct our patients in this easy method to work on themselves in between our treatments in order to maintain and better the results of recovery. For most of our patients, the Heskiers Method and the Heskiers Tool has become an important tool for recovery and is integrated into their daily routines. In particular, our patients are stating that they feel incorporated in, and an important participant in their own recovery due to their self treatment with the Heskiers Tool.

As of today, even with decades of experience and previous specialized performance, I haven’t come accross a manual massage tool and method with this kind of efficient impact on recovery. To emphasize this statement, I simply say: it is Unique! The Heskiers Method and the Heskiers Tool have my utmost personal and professional recommendation.

I hope that health professionals and their patients will take it upon themselves to learn this important method, as it covers such a huge area of health and recovery. I highly recommend Heskiers Method and the Heskiers Tool to everyone –even for preventive use.

Anne Hjordt


Anita Luong
Interior Designer

I first was introduced to the Heskiers Tool and Method a little after I started to train for the Ragnar Northwest Passage relay race that runs from the Canada, U.S. border to the Southern part of Whidbey Island. Ragnar is about 200 mile relay race, with a team of 12 people running the combined 200 miles in 24 hours, there is only one person running at a time, while the rest of the team is either resting or getting to the next trade off. I started to train while using the one body tool during my rests, and I noticed a difference immediately, my muscles weren’t as sore after my workouts and long runs. It was very convenient with it being light weight, very compact I was able to bring it around me where every I went.

An unintentional experiment took place with the Heskiers during this relay race. With all 12 of us running different legs, with different distances, in different elevation gains, and all in 24 hours. Van 2 had the Heskiers, while the Van 1 had used the GoFit foam rollers, and foot roller balls in between each of their runs. For Van 2, the Heskiers made its way around the van after each of our second legs as that was most of our longest legs.

By the end of the relay we were all very tired and sore, in Van 2 there was always someone asking for the Heskiers as that was passed around and we were able to relieve our muscles. The next afternoon our team met up at Lake Washington to go on this giant floaty that we have that can fit 10 people on. I got the chance to ask everyone if they were sore and Van 1 had quite a few people had sore legs, arms, and Van 2 there were very little parts of our bodies that were sore. So with this unintentional experiement I would have to say the Heskiers helped Van 2 and I in recovering quickly from our runs. I am very amazed and impressed with the results.
I now use the Heskiers every day -even at work !

Michelle Martin, Fibromyalgia pt.

¨This tool has literally improved my quality of life!¨


I have been using Heskiers to provide pain relief for about a year now. I found that the tool constantly provides me with enormous relief from my Fibromyalgia symptoms, as well as muscle spasms all over my back, hips and neck. For pain associated with Fibromyalgia, slow and smooth strokes all over the body with the One Tool brings comfort and sooths the pain. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia sixteen years ago, until I found this tool, taking addictive pain pills or just suffering were my options. This tool has changed my life. I no-longer must stay home and miss out on fun, due to horrible uncontrollable pain.  Additionally, the  All-in-one Bodywork tool also features a perfect way to work out hot spots and muscle spasms anywhere. I’ve agonized with chronic muscle spasms for twenty-three years, and absolutely nothing brings me relief like Heskiers. This tool has literally improved my quality of life.



Trey Miller, Basketball Player 

- It’s truly revolutionary!  - Thank you, Martin !”

“4 moths ago, was the last time I’ve been able to play basketball due to a major back injury. I’ve seen multiple doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, you name it! None of it worked. I saw Martin Heskier yesterday morning and played in my first full practice last night and went to bed pain free!


Gitte Grande
Chief Midwife at Hillerod Hospital, Denmark

“Many of our pregnant patients have pelvic girdle pain and other problems in their lower back and pelvis. We are treating it with the Heskiers. It’s a great joy for our pregnant patients who love the gentleness of the Heskiers Method and because they get a deeper treatment.
Plus we love the OneTool as it saves our hands…thus we are getting treatment results.”


Dr. Marv Cutler
Radio host, TanTalk

¨ I love the Heskiers ! ¨ 

It functions really well as an acupressure and energy tool.  
I have been an acupressurist since 1986. I am also a Reiki Master and  Hypnotherapist. 
I have been using a special non-invasive brass needle that was invented in the mountains of China in the 1600s. The Heskiers does what these four needles do in one unit and does not have the heavy weight. Much more delicate on the body.

I have been on radio for nearly four decades and have won several awards including Inc. magazine.  My show is currently on several radio stations in
the US the first Monday of the month at 10:00pm EDT. It can be heard around the world streaming live at tantalk1340.
The program is archived and all shows may be heard on a podcast at anytime at the above website. 
I am also listed in Qi magazine as a therapist and teacher. 
Dr. Marv Cutler


Dr. Yair Maimon, OMD PhD Ac. 

¨ I recommend Heskiers to any practitioner !¨

I have used Heskiers OneTool - it feels so natural, as part of your hand, it make your movements effortless and natural. An innovative tool and method. 


Charles Buck

Charles Buck
President BAaC, Senior Lecturer of TCM - Northern College of Acupuncture - York, England

¨It is like an extension of the hand!¨

“It is a very ergonometric design that fits around the shapes and curves of the body. Very useful for professional practitioners of Chinese Medicine and even masseurs and other people who do a lot of bodywork. It is like an extension of the hand. I found this really useful in my practice as a way of having more power in my fingertips without having to wear my fingertips out.” 

John Hicks - Founder, College of Integrated Chinese Medicine - Reading, England

I found the tool useful in allowing my hand and arm to stay more relaxed whilst exerting pressure! ¨

“I used the Heskiers OneTool on a patient with neck pain and was delighted to find that the pain released and I found the tool useful in allowing my hand and arm to stay more relaxed whilst exerting pressure. Could be good if you use your hands a lot!”

Dr. Cheryl Schwartz
Author of "4 Paws 5 Directions"

My horse, cat and dog patients all love the Heskiers!

They seem comforted by it and I can use it for gentle massage on places I cannot use acupuncture needles or acupressure. It moves and smoothes the Qi, and decreases the discomfort. On horses it seems to ease tight neck muscles as well as tight hamstrings. The anxious horses and cats seem to accept the tool easily. It's the first thing I use with the patients who are hesitant about touch."

Lillian Pearl Bridges
Face Reading Founder
, Seattle, USA

“A wonderful tool for relieving the onset of migraine pain in a natural and personally proactive way. I have also found that it works well for sciatica pain and tension in the shoulders. I recommend it highly and love the beautiful Danish Design. I can’t wait to try the new Heskiers FaceTool for Facial Treatment techniques!”

HC Nielsen, CEO
DKI Plast A/S - Gadstrup, Denmark

“We had to reduce absenteeism and promote well-being amongst our employees. We implemented the Heskiers Method and Heskiers OneTool for self-treatment with our 220 employees. We found that with brief instruction, our employees were able to relieve pain right away and we experienced a significant lowering of costs in this field as well as more satisfied workers and better work culture”


Andreas Frank Jorgensen,
MD, Specialist in General Practice

"I frequently use Heskiers Tool in my Private Practice…it is to my experience a very useful tool and I spare myself for a lot of pain in my hands and fingers. It has especially proven itself useful in myofascial release technique and I often use the OneTool before manipulation of the joints of columna vertibralis / the spine. Hereby relaxing the tense and contracted small muscles of the affected joint, so the High velocity release manipulation demands less force. I have found OneTool useful especially when releasing deep muscles like Musculus Piriformis in the syndrome of this muscle."


Mitch Lehman,
Director of Integrative Medicine, Veterans Village San Diego

I was introduced to Heskiers Massage Tool at Pacific Symposium 2012 by Martin Heskier himself. He noticed pain in my shoulder and proceeded to reduce it significantly. He then handed me to tool and I treated another mutual friend in a manner he was unfamiliar with. I was taken as how quickly this tool brought about results as well as the subtlety with which it is used. It required hardly any force, and actually required a subtle hand. I am not known for my subtlety and have practiced massage since 1994 and acupuncture since 1995.

The Heskier tool is unique in many aspects. First, there are many surfaces to treat the body; secondly, they are all curved. It is like s 3 dimensional French curve for body sculpting.

For myself, I divide the tool up roughly into what I call the diagnostic half and he therapeutic half. Don’t let that deceive you; the diagnostic half is as therapeutic as the side I deemed therapeutic. The primary reason for the designator diagnostic is the edged sides (diagnostic) produce a scraping sensation when going over muscle tissue. It is not the same as the sensation as a gua sha tool, but similar. To produce the diagnostic vibration (a perceptible vibration) with a notable frequency one scrapes along the length of a muscle; some produce a higher frequency (indicating smaller nodes or bands of tightness). I do not wish to digress into a discussion of frequency in either a metaphysical or physics sense. Scraping produces a distinct vibration. Continuous scraping (massaging actually) with either the smooth or the edged surface smoothes the muscle producing a lessening of tension and discomfort. Also, using the scraping (diagnostic side) there is a higher frequency perceived in the fingers and hands (yes, it is very subtle, but easily perceptible). This heightening of infrequency corresponds with the nodes shrinking and smoothing out. Continued massage and reassessment with the edged side will produce a smooth muscle surface as all micro-nodules (knots) seem to smooth out easily and with a light touch. As assessment of the untreated side produces a lower frequency and more “bumpy” surface than the treated side. Even stubborn surfaces such as the ilio-tibial band respond rapidly and with little pressure. Various channel therapies are adoptable with this tool for use with massage therapy.


Helene Rejkjaer Hjorth, Physiotherapist - Hilleroed, Denmark

"Early in my second pregnancy, I developed pelvic girdle pain.  I was referred to acupuncture with great effect.  When the pain became too much between the treatments, I used Heskiers and experienced immediate relief.  Heskiers is easy to use and in my situation was a good compliment to acupuncture."