Possibilities for Professional Practitioners

The Heskiers OneTool is a multilevel myofascial massage and manipulation tool based on new design principles following human geometry and gravity. The OneTool's multi-functionality promotes the flow of the interstitial fluid, releases connective tissue using the curves and serves as a very precise pressure modality that offers a micro myofascial release technique. The OneTool is very easy to incorporate in the Practitioners existing techniques giving possible extended and faster results. 

The OneTool is that easy to use that the Practitioner can tap into the huge resource of successful treatment results by engaging patients in their own recovery, thus also adding to the passive income for the clinic by selling the Heskiers OneTool from her or his clinic.

Learn the Heskiers Method at Heskiers Academy

Heskiers Method offers five cutting-edge approaches to treatment: 

  • New interstitial fluid treatment to reduce inflammation and minimize cellulite
  • New micro myofascial release technique
  • New deep fascia release with less pain
  • New connective tissue release technique that is less painful for patients
  • New approach to save practitioners hands without losing feedback from patient tissue

Learn the Heskiers Method and your Heskiers OneTool, 1 day

Interdisciplinary course for learning the basics of the Heskiers Method and the OneTool. Learn to be able to get access to the vast possibilities of the Heskiers Method.

Certified Heskiers Practitioner (CHP), 2.5 x 2 days, 5 days total (part 1 and 2)

Extra courses upon completion of CHP:

  • Sport Performance, 2 days
  • Scar Tissue, 2 days
  • Goddess – Face rejuvenation and Cellulite treatments, 2 days

Certified Heskiers Instructor (CHI), 3 days
(upon application/invitation and after accomplished CHP + extra CHP courses)

Extra courses upon completion of CHI:

  • Posture with Heskiers - for maximum treatment outcome, 2 days

MasterClass 2 x 3 days– with Martin Heskier, 3x2 days + 6 individual Skype or Zoom sessions over 10 months
(Participation upon application/invitation and after accomplished CHP + extra CHP courses + CHI + Posture)