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The Heskiers is a unique all-in-one bodywork tool. This leading IASTM tool offers completely new, quick and effective treatment techniques for professionals, and empowers consumers with easy-to-use self-treatment methods for optimal health on the go.

Easy to use. The Heskiers fits your body and hands in an ergonomic and ambidextrous fashion.  Supported by online videos 

Beautiful & Functional Danish Design creating Harmony in your Modern Wellness. The Danish designer and renowned bodyworker and acupuncturist, Martin Heskier, has a long family history of creating functional design and body treatment techniques. 

Superior Materials. Created from BPA-free medical grade nylon that is used in prosthetics.  Even the color is medical grade.   

Tailored Techniques giving you completely new possibilities to be active. New techniques have been designed to empower you to maximize recovery and to always be in your optimal health on the go – you can use your Heskiers in the office, in the plane or out there exploring the world. 

Modern Wellness and Rejuvenation. The best of western and eastern medicine is incorporated into the Heskiers, giving you some of the best possibilities on the market to address injuries and sore muscles.