Meet Martin Heskier

Martin Heskier is the inventor and designer of Heskiers OneTool, an acupressure and massage tool, along with original treatment methods for its use. He travels internationally to teach and demonstrate the Heskiers Method. He also created the SQ Empowerment Program that he presents to executives at multinational corporations. 

Martin's unique design perspective incorporates the philosophy that "Form Enhances Function" and he specializes in conveying ergonomics combined with emotional design in his work. He has been a designer since 1985 and comes from a famous Danish Design family, apprenticing as a sculptor and designer with his grandfather and parents since childhood. He previously founded his own design company working with textiles and was one of the top 25 textile designers worldwide. He also designed personal accessories for Royal Copenhagen as well as lamps and furniture. His sculptures can be found in homes and public spaces in Denmark.

He is a licensed Acupuncturist and has been a practicing healer since 1988 and received his degree from the Skolen for Akupunktur og Kinesisk Medicin in Copenhagen. He also apprenticed in Tui Na Massage with Dr. Gou Gou Dong of Beijng, China and studied Organ Massage, Guasha and Cranial Sacral Therapy with Stanley Rosenberg.

Martin's extensive travel in Asia and his ongoing study of Daoist Principles contributes to his understanding of the Dao in Design that is expressed in the products he creates and healing methods he has created and in the health and wellness programs he has developed.