Heskiers OneTool is the best bodywork tool ever invented. 

The geometry and ergonomics of the Heskiers OneTool taps into and aligns itself to the human format, making it possible for you to access your instinctive knowledge of bringing relief to sore muscles and inflamed joints by magnifying the natural work of your hands.

The uniqueness of the Heskiers OneTool and Method was made possible due to a ‘perfect storm’ of talent, knowledge and intention by one man who had access to merge his vast knowledge of human function both as a Danish industrial designer, highly specialized in ergonomics, and as a holistic, licensed acupuncturist with a unique insight in homeostasis. 

Heskiers OneTool makes is accessible for people to treat themselves in between their practitioners' visits and increases the effectiveness of those professional treatments. A self-treatment takes an average of 5 minutes, which includes following 1-3 free, online videos. 

Heskiers OneTool and Method are endorsed by numerous health organizations, doctors, hospitals, world champions, world record holders, olympic athletes and health professionals, and has been evaluated at hospitals by doctors and therapists. 

This device is made of a medical-grade, friction-free nylon used for prostheses and has the CE marking of Medical Equipment Class 1. Heskiers OneTool is intended to have long durability and when the time comes for its retirement, it can be granulated and recycled back into the resources leaving an almost zero environmental footprint.