How to use the Heskiers, All-in-One body tool™

The Heskiers has been ergonomomically designed to naturally replicate the parts of the human hand and work with all parts of the body. It may give you more precision and power for a Practitioner Treatment or a self treatment to potentially relieve pain and tension and minimize stress.



Everyone experiences pain, tenderness and tension in their bodies. We intrinsically know and can identify where in our bodies we hurt. What we have been missing is a better way of treating ourselves. Introducing the Heskiers:

The Heskiers works with this instinctive knowledge that we have about treating ourselves by pressing or stroking the sore or tender places on our bodies with our fingers or the palms of our hands that we use to relieve our own pain and tension. Now you have a special tool, like an extension of your own hand, to help you treat yourself.

Health Professionals experience prolonged capacity to conduct treatment as well experience that they can stay in their profession for longer as the Heskiers safe their hands and minimize possible injury of their hands without experiencing lowered sensing of patient tissue or deducted manipulation -on the contrary this is magnified due to the design principle of the Heskiers and organized into protocols and procedure by the Heskiers Method

The Heskiers is a complimentary treatment tool that has been designed by Martin Heskier used to stroke or press areas of the body to relieve soreness and tenderness, facilitate pain relief and reduce stress and tension. It can be utilized by anyone for self-treatment and is easy, effective and safe to use, when used correctly.

The Heskiers has been evaluated at hospitals by doctors and therapists. It has been ergonomically designed to fit the hand and supports the functions by leverage and pressure distribution, potentially strengthening the function of the hands and increasing the operational radius.

It allows people to treat themselves in between visits to their practitioner and may increase the effectiveness of those treatments. A self-treatment takes an average of 5 - 10 minutes, which includes watching 1 - 3 E-learning videos. It requires no additional lubrication for a gentle, relaxing and life enhancing self-treatment.

This device is made of a medical-grade, friction-free nylon used for prostheses and meets all requirements for CE marking of Medical Equipment Class 1. The Heskiers is intended to have durability for a minimum of 20 years and can be granulated and thus recycled. 

For instructions on how to use the Heskiers OneTool, please go to: Self treatment with Heskiers OneTool™. or attend our effective education under Heskiers Method 



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  • Hygiene: Rinse your Heskiers OneTool with alcohol and dishwasher soap. Heskiers OneTool can be autoclaved though we recommend only to use this method in cases whereas it is imperative to use it as it will shorten the longivity of the OneTool. Do not put into dishwasher machine. Do not place the Heskiers OneTool in the sun. 

Caution! You can hurt yourself and others by using The Heskiers OneTool. Using the Heskiers OneTool is therefore solely at your own risk and is your responsibility to use it appropriately. If you have ANY doubt of any kind regarding The Heskiers OneTool and information given on this site: DO NOT USE the Heskiers OneTool and consult your Medical Practitioner/Medical Doctor.