The Heskiers OneTool is a multi-usable fascia manipulation tool for myofascial massage and release of the tissue. Heskiers OneTool is based on revolutionary bio-ergonomic design principles that follows human geometry and gravity. The Heskiers multi-functionality promotes the flow of the interstitial fluid, releases connective tissue, and serves as a precise pressure modality that offers a micro-myofascial release technique.

The Heskiers OneTool and Method is very easy to incorporate into the practitioner's existing techniques providing faster and extended results. 

The Heskiers OneTool is versatile and intuitive to use, allowing the practitioner to engage patients in their recovery to improve the speed and success of their treatments. 

Revolutionary technique to promote interstitial fluid flow. The Heskiers curves support a new way to address the flow of the interstitial fluid for faster recovery.

Micro-myofascial manipulation technique. The Heskiers enables a specific release of soft tissue with high precision.

Next level connective tissue techniques. Unique method to 'open' the connective tissue and release tight muscles and joints.

No pain deep-fascia release techniques. The ergonomics of the Heskiers OneTool gives completely new possibilities to address deep tissue release that feels less invasive.

New design principle. Heskiers OneTool implements a unique combination of expert insight in ergonomic design and homeostasis. Tissue feedback is magnified and professionals are able to provide better precision and faster results in their treatments, while saving the hands of the practitioner.

To access the full potential of the Heskiers OneTool, we highly recommended the Heskiers Method Certification Courses.