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Heskiers Academy

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Heskiers Method offers five cutting-edge approaches to treatment: 

  • New interstitial fluid treatment to reduce inflammation and minimize cellulite
  • New micro myofascial release technique
  • New deep fascia release with less pain
  • New connective tissue release technique that is less painful for patients
  • New approach to save practitioners hands without losing feedback from patient tissue


The Heskiers Method and how to use the Heskiers is taught to health professionals from all over the world and across all disciplines including physical therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, licensed massage therapists, acupuncturists, reflexologists, medical doctors and nurses. The Heskiers Method is a quick, complementary method that helps the individual professional to excel in their respective modality.

The Heskiers is extremely efficient for helping professional healthcare providers engage patients in their self-care through self treatment and the Heskiers Tool is suited to be sold to patients over the counter.

Heskiers Academy courses:

How to Use Course The Heskiers 
Professional course for personal trainers, coaches and athletes to provide insight on how the Heskiers Tool and Method works, examples of self treatment, and how to implement it in existing training.

CHP-100 - Certified Heskiers Practitioner
General Health Protocols

CHP-200 - Certified Heskiers Practitioner
Sport Protocols

CHP-300 - Certified Heskiers Practitioner
Specialized Protocols

CHI - Certified Heskiers Instructor
Upon invitation/application and after accomplished CHP courses. 

Course Outcome: Participants will learn a completely new modality of treatment that can be immediately incorporated into daily practice to facilitate faster recovery for the patient. The Heskiers Method will be taught in a practical manner. Participants will learn to apply the protocols for numerous physical conditions and health issues to increase their effectiveness in their clinic. 

The Heskiers and Heskiers Method is, in particular,  

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