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UPAYA REIKI 1 Online Course


Upaya Reiki 1 offers the first step into your energy potential. If you done Reiki before, this course will give you completely new facets and tools to work your energy.
The first 3 Upaya Reiki courses sums up to Reiki Master - the following courses of UPAYAMIND 1-5 expand into territory that holds energy manifestations and handling rarely seen outside remote and hidden Himalayan monasteries.

On your Upaya Reiki 1 online course you get 7 modules that are easy to learn and study. Each module is short and have a duration of about 15-30 min - equal to 1 module per day - For this to be optimal outcome for you, we ask of you to commit 30 min per day, to train the material you have just learned in the module.

During each of all UPAYAMIND courses there is a time whereas your energy will be remotely optimized by the teacher - for this we need your collaboration - We use the Sacred Geometry of the Heskiers Tool as a connector to calibrate the frequencies in your body. This is possible due to deliberate form that structures matter and delegate intentions and we find that the Heskiers Tool is the most advanced in the world to use for this. Think of the Heskiers Tool as a radio that transforms the radio waves into understandable sound and sweet music that optimize your system.

We invest in you: The Heskiers Tool is a prerequisite for all courses. We believe we can optimize your life throughout our teachings. We have made your first course available for you to taste and see if you like what we offer, by providing a price only 20% of a normal course price - and surplus we gift you with a Heskiers Tool that you have an optimum start into your new dimension!

We do this investment in you, because we believe you will have a life alternating experience that will make it attractive for you to be a valued member of our tribe and community and because we trust you will continue your empowerment through the following courses we make available for you.

Build your energy muscle that creates your success and good life!
This is for you if you want to excel in your life! Access and use the potential you are born with. Create the best version of you in an easy and fast way. Your investment last your whole life. Optimize your synchronicity. Connecting to your energy force, actively enhances your wellness and prosperity.

As you make your purchase you will receive a link to our teaching platform - we ask you to send us your shipping address that we can send the essential Heskiers Tool for you to get started. Please plan for 5 days shipping/ 9 days international (plus each country's custom handling)

We look forward to see you on the other side