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Certified Heskiers Practitioner: CHP100 Online Course for Professionals


Heskiers Certified Practitioner CHP100 1/3
The first of 3 courses in the certification program, with the creator of the Heskiers Fascia Tool and Heskiers Method; Martin Heskier.

Martin is an Acupuncturist, Bodyworker and Industrial Designer and he will be teaching his revolutionary interdisciplinary integrative method to health professionals of all trades in series of protocols covering the human body, the Heskiers 99 second method, the multiple uses of the Heskiers Fascia Tool, the Emotional-Motoric Connections, the Fascia Band Relations, and Acupressure points related, that the practitioner can implement this method into praxis immediately.

The 3 online courses includes a complimentary participation in a live CHP300 course to personally get the certificate: Certified Heskiers Practitioner CHP
(-possibility to upgrade to VIP).