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Certified Heskiers Practitioner: CHP-100


Heskiers Certified Practitioner - price listed is per course - buying 1 entitled participation in CHP-100
Buying 2 courses entitles for participation in CHP-100 and CHP-200.
Buying 3 courses entitles for participation in CHP-100, CHP-200 and CHP-300. Please note that buying 3 courses at the same time instigate significant discount on the 3rd course.

These 2 day courses of CHP-100, CHP-100, CHP-300, each teach the professional how to use the Heskiers and the general protocols that after accomplishment of all 3 courses, leads to certification in the Heskiers Method. The focus is to learn the significant use of the Heskiers as well learn the Heskiers Method protocols for lowering pain, increasing flexibility/mobility and reducing muscle stress.  

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