Possibilities for Professional Practitioners

You can learn the Heskiers Method™ of manual therapy at Heskiers Academy. It is easy to implement the Heskiers OneTool™ into your trained technique almost right away and enjoy the advantage of tapping into a method that makes your treatment even more efficient in five new ways!

  1. Interstitial fluid treatment technique to reduce inflammation and minimize cellulite
  2. Micro myofascial release technique
  3. Deep fascia release with less pain
  4. Connective tissue release technique that is less painful for patients
  5. Design principle that magnify feedback from patient tissue
  • Bonus: New approach to save practitioners hands without losing feedback from patient tissue - resulting in prolonged capacity to work with patients with less fatigue and restoring the optimum functioning of the practitioners hands.

The Heskiers Method™ is learning the multiple protocols and consequently conduct: 

Open the patient tissue with the Large or Small 'Interstitial fluid' Curve 
Release with the Protrusions and Double of Big Guasha Curve
Disperse with the Interstitial fluid Curves. 

The Heskiers OneTool is a multilevel myofascial massage and manipulation tool based on new design principles following human geometry and gravity. The multi functions promotes the flow of the interstitial fluid and release connective tissue by the curves and serves as a very precise pressure modality that offers a micro myofascial release technique. The OneTool is very easy to incorporate in the Practitioners existing techniques giving possible extended and faster results. 

The OneTool connects to the neuro pathway learning proces, enabling the Practitioner to incorporate the use of the OneTool in his specific therapy almost instantly.

The OneTool is that easy to use that the Practitioner can tap into the huge resource of successful treatment results by engaging patients in their own recovery, thus also adding to the passive income for the clinic by selling the Heskiers OneTool from her or his clinic.

The OneTool is made of medical grade nylon and medical grade color. The same material as used in prosthesis’ inside the body. It is made to last for a lifetime. Easy to wash with alcohol and soap. Heskiers OneTool can be autoclaved, though we do not advice for multiple autoclaves. The Heskiers OneTool is not resistant to dings and scratches thus should not be dropped on e.g. a street or chewed by a dog..

Can be used outside on clothes e.g. through jeans, hence its non-lubrication needed surface. Textile will polish the surface though.


How to Use the Heskiers OneTool and The Heskiers Method:

Disclaimer / Caution: Please use the Heskiers OneTool as intended and do not press hard with the protrusions or rub with curves. Do not wiggle when adding pressure with protrusions

Fail to use the OneTool soft and gentle as intended may cause harm on yourself or your patient. That's why we set up informative and great courses in the Heskiers Method for you to learn and benefit from.


Open (start the flow of the interstitial fluid) - Step 1:

After 'opening/preparing' the patient tissue with the interstitial fluid curves you have the option to proceed:

When the pain is located, you can use the Heskiers OneTool to apply a combination of light massage and strokes in the area in order to open the muscles to allow release.

Release - Step 2:

Choose the protrusion that mimics the finger that you would normally use to apply pressure that you, as a Professional Body Therapist,  feel is just enough to create a feeling of relief. Sink into the tissue with the protrusion - Make your manipulations subtle - do not wiggle the Heskiers OneTool™.  Instead, maintain a subtle steady pressure while awaiting tissue release. Holding the pressure for up to 1.5 minutes.

Disperse - Step 3:

To help disperse the released muscle tension and to possibly increase the flow of interstitial fluids, please apply gentle strokes on same area with the designated curve that fits that part of the client's body. Stroke gently 30 to 99 times. You can stroke on the skin directly, through a cloth or you can stroke on the outside of your client's clothes in the area just treated to disperse the energy.  and to further release the stagnated fluids in the interstitial spaces. Use the dispersing movements along the body’s curves.

Note:  the Heskiers Method™ is designed for use with the Heskiers OneTool™ and the specific features of its’ design create high precision treatments that are less painful and more effective.

Sample of a Professional Treatment

For those practitioners who are familiar with Guasha connective tissue relief e.g. Acupunturists, you will find a special feature with the Heskiers OneTool™: a new way of applying subtle strokes so that the treatment, when done correctly, does not bruise the skin or is experienced as painful for the patient. Therefore the Heskiers OneTool can also be used for a Facial Guasha treatment and may also be helpful for treating TMJ and for minimizing wrinkles.

A bonus with this technique is it makes triggerpoints that need treatment come forward thus can be used to find and diagnose treatment protocols

New GuaSha Technique

The two Guasha curves on the Heskiers OneTool™ introduce a new way of working with this ancient Chinese method. The double Guasha curve is used to push or plow the surface tissue instead of scraping it. The Heskiers OneTool™  is designed to help release blood stagnation gently, which can improve blood circulation and is believed to move interstitial and lymph fluids for drainage, preventing edema.

The unique double Guasha curve gives the ability to work on the hard to treat areas of the body, such as the edge of the scapula and over the joints and on the face following the natural curvature of the facial bone structure.  Stroking the face with this curve may help plump up the facial skin, relax the muscles and thereby minimize wrinkles and improve the appearance of the complexion.

The Big Guasha curve integrates surface manipulation of the skin (Guasha) with light pressure from the lower palm protrusion, ), which is believed to send vibrational energy deep into the tissue and potentially release muscle tension on a vibrational level.