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Heskiers® Fascia Tool & Method - Black - Free Shipping USA


Relieve Sore Muscles. All-in-one patented Bodywork Tool and Method. Super for fast and easy self treatment and great for empowering Health Professionals.

New Method with multiple new treatment techniques. The Heskiers Fascia Tool promotes the health of the cells and lowers inflammation. 

Learn the Heskiers Method. Free e-learning videos on Youtube/Heskiers for patients. Subscription for professionals to learn protocols. Courses for professionals. Saves the Health Professionals hands.

Easy to clean. Made from medical grade BPA-free Nylon used in making prosthetics and is built to last a lifetime. Color is also medical grade.

Heskiers® Fascia Tool - Great for promoting health, circulation, reducing pain and inflammation anytime and anywhere on the go.